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The wonderfully grotesque and darkly comedic Bizarro novel from acclaimed author
James H Longmore


Colton Forshay dreams himself into a bizarre sexual dystopia, a world in which nothing is as it should be (it alternately rains semen and menstrual blood), sickening sex acts and sexual violence are the norm and in which the currency is deviant sexual acts.

In this dream world, Colton inadvertently gets his dog pregnant and his wife is brutally murdered as a contestant on a popular TV show.

At first disturbed, then intrigued - and aroused - by his dreams of this other world, Colton is drawn deeper in and begins to spend more and more time there with the help of sleeping pills; so much so that his wife forces him to visit a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist encourages him to explore the dream world - and our hero goes on an odyssey with his dog/son, Eric, to discover the disturbing truth behind his dream world.

Colton finds himself caught up with the resistance who believe that the government - lead by a telepathic ocelot - is controlling the people by means of dreams of another world that sounds uncannily like his.

The story alternates between Colton's real world and fantasy dream world and the two become inexorably blurred until at the end, he discovers a disturbing truth that is not entirely against the tastes he has developed.

This is fantastical tale populated by bizarre characters, set in a most peculiar world. Filled with startling, sexy imagery and told with incredibly dark humor, Colton Forshay is both engaging and disturbing.

About the Author.

I'm originally from Yorkshire, England - university educated (Honours Degree: Pure Zoology) and a formative career in sales, marketing and running multiple businesses. Born in 1964, married, 5 children, I moved to the US in 2010.

My writing style and story telling have so far been compared to Stephen King, Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum. And, in February 2017, I was accepted as an Affiliate Member of the Horror Writer's Association. My novel 'Pede' (a brilliant creature horror) is published by Black Bed Sheet Books, 'And Then You Die' (darkly comic supernatural horror) was published by J Ellington Ashton June 2016, The Erotic Odyssey of Colton Forshay is published by HellBound Books Publishing and 'Flanagan' (psychosexual horror/chiller), publication by Sinister Grin Press in Feb 2017.

Of my novellas, Buds is published by Morbid Books, and 'Feeder' (horror) and 'I Am Joe's Unwanted Penis' (an excellent, dark humor parody) (published together by HellBound Books. My short story 'Winning & Losing' was published in the online anthology 'Ripple Effect' Oct 2015, 'Road Trip Bingo' was published by Black Bed Sheet Books in their anthology 'Bumps in the Road' (Spring 2016), 'The Five Towns Pageant' will feature in J. Ellington Ashton's anthology 'Full Moon Slaughter' (Halloween 2016), 'Zombie Hooker: A Love Story' appeared in the Fat Lip Press anthology 'Carnival of Gore IV' (July 2016), 'Snuffed: Fifty Shades of F****d Up' featured in J Ellington Ashton's 'Rejected for Content 4' (Summer 2016), 'First Impressions' in JBP's 'Black Candy' (Halloween 2016), 'Mumble Trimmings and the Peculiar Case of the Reverse Pedophiles' will feature in JEA's anthology 'Splat 3', The Werewolf's Surrogate is in JEA's Full Moon Slaughter 2', whilst 'A Proud Father' will be featured in Creepy Campfire Quarterly #6 (EMP Publishing) April 20, 2017, and 'Trophy Wife' (a graphic short) is to be published by The Creeps Magazine (TBA).

To date, I have won awards for five short movies, and a Splatterfest 'Best Director' for 'Zombie Family: A Day in the Death'. I co-wrote the first two episodes of the Kenyan sitcom 'The Samaritans', and was 'writer for hire' on the biopic of Bob Marley for Spectra Records, a family animated feature 'Manbug' and a Houston-produced family feature 'The Church Mice'. Upcoming projects: Tenebrion (horror novel), Collection of shorts 'Blood & Kisses', and a couple of breathtaking works I'm being deliberately secretive about...

To find out more, visit my website: www.jameslongmore.com


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***** Very imaginative! Unlike anything I've read before. Dark ... Very imaginative! Unlike anything I've read before. Dark, twisted, and bizarrely entertaining. If you are looking for something horrifyingly different to read, this is definitely a must read for you.

***** Fantastic book Colton has some pretty messed up dreams. His wife Zeenah makes him see a therapist due to his crazy dreams. Pretty much the whole time reading this I'm going oh my god, what?! Are you serious? This read had me on the edge of my sit I couldn't put my kindle down for the life of me! I had such a blast reading this, and I can't wait to read more from this author.

***** Bizarro Erotica Just from reading the opening line of James Longmore's new book you immediately know that you're in trouble. It may be both the greatest, and most disturbing opening to a novel I've ever read. It's almost as disturbing as Edward Lee's House/Pig. I could hear the Weather Girls in my head singing; "It's raining jizz, hallelujah, it's raining jizz." Once you make it past that you're in one for one hell of a ride. This is a novel that can only be described as bizarro erotica which I didn't even know existed until now. You won't find too many reviews because in all honesty how the hell do you review it?

Longmore wants your attention and if you make it through the entire novel you'll see that this guy knows how to write a story full of bizarre sex and intriguing characters. I also would like to know where the hell the idea came from. On second thought, never mind. I liked the novel and the idea that Colton has these bizarre dreams that are sexually explicit in nature. There's a valid reason for them and that's the heart of the novel. The sex isn't the selling point of the book and for those that are brave enough to read it will get to see that. It's an interesting story that uses the idea of dreams and sexual frustration to move the story along and move it does. Colton's dream world is full of sexual depravity and fantasies that normal people just don't have and Longmore doesn't bat an eye when it comes to telling Colton's story. You can almost hear him laughing which is really frightening.

I've read my share of bizarro fiction and Longmore has too. You can tell that he's influenced by the classics. This is a book that slowly unfolds and has an actual story that just happens to have weird and not so weird sexual acts. The underlying plot is what is Colton's reality? Is it the normal life he lives with his frigid wife or is it the world in which he lost his wife and has to pay for goods with sexual acts? The art of dreams is an interesting concept and one that allows Longmore to stretch his legs a bit. Is Longmore's novel offensive and disturbing? It can be for those who are easily offended. What then would be the target audience? Anyone with an open mind. If you have an open mind you'll enjoy The Erotic Odyssey of Colton Forshay but don't for those that are easily offended you should skip this and read something from the popular fiction section.

***** 5 Bizarre Stars! I started reading this today. I have never read bizaro, and was not entirely sure what it was...LOL...wow! I love Longmore's details! You can see what is going on...not positive this is a good thing, lol...wait! Yes it is...Anyhoo, I cannot wait to keep going, because this is really interesting! I read this before bed last night..Again, not sure if this is the best idea..LOL..I want to stress how much I love the detail! I am there...I can see what is happening, I can smell what is happening (don't ask, LOL) 60% Fair warning...Not good to read right before bed time, unless, of course, you WANT messed up dreams lol Okay, so I finished this book and my only complaint was I WANTED MORE! More Colton! More dog/son...MORE MORE MORE! I wonder if I stomped my feet or pouted like a little kid if perhaps I could get a sequel? I really liked Longmore's writing. His eye for details. Everything. Normally a writer will be strong in a certain area and weak in others, but this book had a great story line, great character development, great dialogue, great everything! Now, I will warn you, if you have not read bizarro, make sure you know what you are getting yourself into...LOL...And if you HAVE read bizarro, this is a must! I will definitely be stalking Longmore and adding more of his books to my TBR.